Widening our World

I really have been convicted lately of how small we see our world. How often do things happen to us and we freak out like it is the end of the world? Is that the way we are supposed to live our lives? I think it is about time for us to change the way we see things. It never hurts for us to check our paradigms every once in a while.

I read a great blog post by Seth Barnes and I like what he had to say. He started off the article by saying that the pastors of Haiti had met in November of ’09 and prayed for God to shake their land and to tear down strongholds in their government and corrupt political leaders. And then he said this about the earthquake:

“The spiritual atmosphere of the country is completely different now. Voodoo priests by the hundreds have given their lives to Christ. But the pastors of the country believe it didn’t happen because of the earthquake, the earthquake was in some way a physical reverberation of a spiritual transaction that took place in November.

It’s a remarkable, paradigm-shifting thought for those of us in America who are locked in a paradigm of linear sequential, cause-effect reality. It made me think of Jesus’ last moments on earth as described in Matthew 27:51. After he gave up his spirit, “The earth shook and the rocks split.” In other words, an earthquake.


When we read that passage, we have no trouble seeing that the spiritual reality resulted in a physical reverberation. Why should Haiti be any different? We’re not human beings having a temporary spiritual experience, we’re spiritual beings having a temporary human experience”

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What do you think?

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