To Save a Life

We are right in the middle of our To Save a Life series and it has been amazing! It is crazy how God sets things into place long before we ever begin to start working on them. Right before we started this series we really felt that many of our youth had a lot weighing them down. We decided that the best way to help them overcome was to use our annual Winter Retreat to begin the process of bringing this baggage to the surface. God definitely blessed our time out in Wakefield and all of the kids walked away with life changing experiences. When we got back from the trip our leadership team and I sat down to go over the TSAL (To Save A Life) curriculum and realized that it was the perfect follow up to what we had just finished!

One of the coolest things that I have seen come out of this series is the closeness and sharing that is happening. Every week there are 2 students who give their testimonies and every week we have kids brought to tears by the struggles of their fellow youth. This has transformed the way our group relates to each other and I can tell it will in turn transform their schools and families. If you haven’t seen this movie yet or looked at  the curriculum, make sure you do it now. It is very powerful stuff and very relevant to what our youth are going through.

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