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Day 20

I am very happy to say that I am 66% of the way finished with this fast! I have been doing alright but the foods are really beginning to get old. The farina wheat cereal used to be a “joy” in the mornings but now I am having to split […]

Day 18

It’s been a bit since I have done an update on here. I was able to get away on Thursday morning and rented a camper cabin at Lake Maria state park and take 24hrs of solitude. I got back Friday night then had a funeral and celebrated my birthday with […]

Day 14

Do you know how much we talk about food in the US? I wish I had some stat to show or tell that would explain what I am noticing. Not only do many of our conversations revolve around food but there is advertising everywhere about food. As I watched TV […]

The Next Step in My Fast

I really like what Cesar Chavez had to say on fasting. “A fast is first and foremost personal. It is a fast for the purification of my own body, mind, and soul. The fast is also a heartfelt prayer for purification and strengthening for all those who work beside me […]

Day 12

Lately my thoughts have been drifting more and more to ending this. I am amazed at how much the people around me talk about food and how many commercials on tv talk about food. The lack of variety and blandness are the main source of my struggles lately. My stomach […]