The “One Another” Commands 3

In preparation for my message on Sunday, I received a challenge from John MacArthur. Not directly from him, buy through one of his Podcasts. He challenged me to do a search through the New Testament and look at all of the “one another” statements. These are the things that we […]

The End of the Fast

It feels really weird to be at the end of this fast. After doing this for a month it has almost become part of my routine and part of who I am. I hope it continues to impact me and change me as I move on to the next part […]

Day 29

I am constantly amazed at how my mind works. I have been doing this fast for 29 days now and have gotten in a pretty solid routine and the routine has helped my hunger stay relatively low. All of a sudden as I approached the last three days I have […]

Day 25

Now that I am on the last leg of this fast I am beginning to think about what I will be eating when I am finished.  Throughout this fast I have thought about the big juicy burger or the pizza that I will eat, but now it has changed quite a bit. […]

Day 23

I only have 1 week left of this fast and I am feeling like it will almost be weird to actually be able to eat normal food again. I have gotten into somewhat of a routine now and it has helped considerably. It has amazed me how much my metabolism […]